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Introducing the CSC's Essential Skills for Employment and Education (ESEE)

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Administrators, trainers and test takers have 24/7 access to assessments and reports from anywhere with Internet access.

Immediate Test Results

Test result reports, which identify test taker skills and skill gaps, are available immediately after assessments are taken.

Free Learning Plans

Trainers and test takers have access to customized learning plans that link to free online learning materials.

Reliable & Accurate Assessments

Our platform has delivered over 300,000 assessments and has the
accuracy needed to make informed HR decisions.


Provide test takers with access to six assessments for as little as $35.

Powerful Analytics

Measure skill gain and the effectiveness of training using variables such as essential skill, age, cohort and date range.

Sample Questions

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Building careers with Essential Skills

Essential skills are career building blocks. They provide the foundation for learning technical skills and working safely.

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